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Recent Accomplishments for the Crops Pathology/Genetics Research Center include:


Crops Pathology

*      Graft inoculated 47 collections across nine different test plants to demonstrate the importance of post grafting temperature on cullus formation and uniting buds and test plants.

*      Demostrated that saturated soils induced greater incidence of union mild etch on almond trees.

*      Discovery of uncharacterized graft transmissible agent (GTA) in Clone 8 of C. Sauvignon.

*      Established field trials to characterize new GTA.

*      Completed seven field trials to identify Methyl Bromide Alternatives to control Almond replant disease.

*      Completed Parlier microplot studies to identify etiology of Almond replant disease and establish mitigation measures.

*      Determined efficacy of Phosphonate application for control of Phytophthora canker on almond.

*      Developed Methyl Bromide alternative for Phytophthora control on strawberry.

*      Identified walnut root stocks resistant to Phytophthora.

*      Developed a culture independent method for detection of Agrobacterium tumefaciens.


Rice Genetics

*      Completed genotyping phase of NRI-funded project ???Molecular evaluation of rice germplasm using microsatellite markers???.

*      Continued to examine new microsatellite markers (renewed CRADA with Syngenta AG.

*      Fine mapped the low phytic acid 1-1 locus to a 140 kb region of rice chromosome 2 and fine conducted screen for additional low phytic acid rice mutants.

*      Initiated genetic analysis of stem rot resistance in rice.

*      Continued genetic analysis of cold tolerance in rice.

*      Conducted screen for low silicon rice mutants.


Sustainable Viticulture

*      Established field plots to examine significance of riparian plants in the epidemiology of Pierce???s Disease.

*      Demonstrated efficacy of root collar excavation for control of armillaria root disease of grapevine.

*      Discovered that arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal populations in the vineyard are significantly reduced when rootstocks were propagated in the greenhouse and when weed populations are suppressed.






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