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The mission of the Food Components and Health Laboratory (FCHL) is to determine the bioavailability of bioactive food components and to delineate the role of diet and lifestyle in the prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Scientists assess metabolic and genomic responses to whole foods and dietary constituents including traditional nutrients, phytochemicals and functional foods. Research findings are used by the public to improve their diet and by scientists, health professionals and policy makers to develop dietary recommendations that are consistent with life-long maintenance of health and optimum quality of life for the diverse American population.
The Food Components and Health Laboratory is located in Beltsville, MD and is part of the Northeast Area.
The Research Leader is David Baer.
Phone: (301)504-8719
Fax: (310)504-9098
10300 Baltimore Avenue
RM. 231, BG. 307B, BARC-EAST
Beltsville, MD 20705