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Production Session Talks and Handouts
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Click on the abbreviated title below to see the presentation from the January 31, 2006 meeting (if available).  For a copy of a session's handout, click on the handout link.

Session 1 - Why Control BVD?
                 Dr. Bob Larson

Session 2 - BVD Virus
                Dr. Dan Grooms

Session 3 - BVD Control Plans
                Dr. Dave Smith

Session 4 - Results of European Control Efforts
                Dr. Paul Valle

Session 5 - Potential and Benefits for Statewide Control Programs
                Dr. Jim Kennedy

Session 6 - Current BVD Control Seedstock
                Dr. Randall Spare and Mark Gardiner

Session 7 - Current BVD Control Commercial Cow/Calf
                 Jack Turnell

Session 8 - Current BVD Control Commercial Cow/Calf
                Dr. Dan Goehl

Session 9 - Current BVD Control Commercial Cow/Calf
                Dr. Phillip Kesterson

Session 10 - Current BVD Control Feedlot and Backgrounding
                  Lucy Rechel

Session 11 - Biosecurity and Merchandising Aspects
                  Patsy Houghton

Planned BVD Control in Beef Herds
                  NCBA BVD Working Group


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