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Publications - PDF Links
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Publication List and Available PDF Downloads

Hux, B.A., P.B. Delaune, M.T. Schirmarcher, T.J. Gentry, and P. Mubvumba.  2023. Winter cover crop impact on soil health and nutrients in Texas Rolling Plains dryland cotton.  Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment. 6(1):e20352. 14pgs.   PDF

Mubvumba, P. and P.B. DeLaune. 2023.Water quality effects of cover crop grazing and tillage implementation in a long-term no-till wheat system. Soil and Tillage Research. 225: 105547. 9pgs  PDF

Kumar, C., P. Mubvumba, Y. Huang, J. Dhillon, and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Multi-stage corn yield prediction using high-resolution UAV multispectral data and machine learning models. Agronomy. 13(5), 1277. 23pgs  PDF

Kharel, T.P., A.B. Bhandari, P. Mubvumba, H.L. Tyler, R.S. Fletcher and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Mixed-species cover crop biomass estimation using planet imagery. Sensors. 23,1541. 16pgs  PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., P. Mubvumba, S.S. Anapalli and K.N. Reddy. 2022.Cereal rye (Secale cereale L. )cover crop improves soil physico-chemical properties with no influence on soybean (Glycine max L.) root growth parameters. Frontiers in Soil Science. 2:970380. 14 pgs. PDF

Mubvumba, P., P.B. DeLaune, and F.M. Hons. 2022. Enhancing long-term no-till wheat systems with cover crops and flash grazing.  Soil Security. 9:100067. 10 pgs. PDF

Mubvumba, P., P.B. DeLaune, and F.M. Hons. 2021. Soil water dynamics under a warm-season cover crop mixture in continuous wheat. Soil & Tillage Research. 206:104823. 8pgs. PDF