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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Thomas G McCollum

Research Physiologist

Greg McCollum, Ph.D
Research Plant Physiologist

U. S. Horticultural Research Laboratory
2001 South Rock Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34945
Telephone: (772) 462-5836
Fax: (772) 462-5986

Overall research objectives are to develop, evaluate and release improved citrus scion varieties for the US.  Approaches utilized to generate novel germplasm include hybridization, irradiation and transformation.  Material is evaluated for horticultural performance, fruit quality characteristics and postharvest behavior.  Promising selections are propagated and evaluated in replicated field trials.  Currently we have several new citrus scions targeted for release including a seedless 'Pineapple' and a low-seeded 'Fallglo' tangerine. 

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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