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The mission of the Citrus & Other Subtropical Products Unit is to conduct agricultural, postharvest and food science research from “farm to fork to by-products”. The Unit mission is to: 1) grow fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops in a subtropical climate using sustainable methods with reduced chemical input; 2) use sensory analyses to determine perceptible quality and flavor traits as affected by genetics, cultural practices, disease or postharvest/processing techniques; 3) conduct chemical analyses for flavor compounds, nutrients and phytonutrients for correlation to agricultural practices and sensory analyses to enhance or predict flavor quality and health benefits; 4) work with plant breeders to identify advanced breeding lines with desired levels of flavor or health-related compounds; 5) investigate by-products from the citrus processing waste stream for industrial, pharmacological, and food-related product development.
The Citrus and Other Subtropical Products Research is located in Fort Pierce, FL and is part of the Southeast Area.
The Acting Research Leader is Jason Hong.
Phone: 772-462-5976
Fax: 772-462-5801
U.S. Horticultural Res Lab
2001 S. Rock Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34945