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Gregory S Wheeler

Research Entomologist

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"Taking lunch while surveying aquatic weeds."

Left to right: Dr. Wheeler of USDA ARS IPRL stationed in Florida, Willie Cabrera-Walsh the Director of South American Biological Lab (FuEDEI) stationed in Argentina, Andy Sheppard the Team leader of Biodiversity Theme at CSIRO stationed in Australia, and Matt Purcell the Director of the Australian Biological Control Lab stationed in Australia.

Dr. Wheeler has been a research entomologist for more than 20 years at the USDA/ARS Invasive Plant research lab in Davie, FL. In this role he has been working to develop biological control of the invasive weeds Brazilian peppertree, Chinese tallow tree, Australian pine and earleaf acacia. He has also worked on evaluating the impact of released biological control agents against air potato, hydrilla, melaleuca, and water lettuce.

Dr. Wheeler's Staff

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Read more about his projects at Research Gate or see his Google Scholar site