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Research Projects Subjects of Investigation at this Location

Each ARS research project has related subjects of investigation.  Listed below are the subjects of investigation currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a subject of investigation will list the research projects within that  subject of investigation.

Subjects of Investigation
Beef cattle, live animal
Dairy cattle, live animal
Meat, swine
Swine, live animal
Turkey, live animal
Research Projects within Swine, live animal
item Analysis of Virulence and Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms of Salmonella and Development of Intervention Strategies
item Antibiotic Resistance Gene Diversity and Mobility in Bacterial Communities From Post-weaning Swine Fed Antibiotics or Alternatives
item Computational Analysis of Antimicrobial Resistance Gene Abundance and Co-occurance
item Computational Analysis of Host, Bacteria, and Microbiome for Development of Strategies to Enhance Health and Food Safety
item Diversity of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Transfer Elements Quantitative Monitoring (DARTE-QM) for Environmental Samples- CFDA#10.310
item Functional Annotation of the Porcine Genome
item Immune Assay to Evaluate Cross-Protection Following Influenza Virus Vaccination
item Intestinal Microbial Ecology and Metagenomic Strategies to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance and Foodborne Pathogens
item Nanoparticle Microarray for High-throughput Chemical Phenotyping of Microbiomes
item Persistence of Resistance: Defining Resistance Gene and Mobile Element Sentinels to Evaluate Their Transmission in Manure-Amended Soils
item Stripping Antibiotic Resistance with STRIPS: Evaluating Prairie Buffer Strips to Mitigate Resistance Genes from Manure-Amended Fields