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Research Programs and Projects at this Location

ARS research is organized into National Programs. Within each National Program are research projects. Listed below are  the National Programs and research projects currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a National Program (NP) will take you  to the main ARS site for more information on the program. Clicking on a research  project title will take you to more information on the project.

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Crop Production (NP #305)
Determining the Impacts of Pesticide- and Nutrition-Induced Stress on Honey Bee Colony Growth and Survival
(In-House Appropriated)
Understanding Honey Bee Microbiota to Improve Bee Nutrition and Colony Health
(In-House Appropriated)
Developing Best Management Practices for Overwintering Honey Bee Colonies in Cold Storage: Determining Optimal Colony Size and Timing
(Interagency Reimbursable Agreement)
The Role of Viral Infection and Nutritional Stress on the Migration of Varroa Mites on Foraging Bees
(Interagency Reimbursable Agreement)
Evaluation of the Dose-response of Honey Bees to Carboximide and Strobilurin Fungicides: From Cellular Mechanism to Integrated Mnagement
(Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement)
Simulating Sublethal Effects of Pesticides on Colony Survival by Modifying the VARROAPOP Colony Population Dynamics Model
(Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement)
Investigating the Effects of Commercially-Significant Insect Growth Regulators on Honey Bee Metabolism and Forager Performance
(Trust Fund Cooperative Agreement)