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You have accessed the BEEPOP+ honey bee colony population dynamics program. BEEPOP+ provides daily predictions on honey bee colony size based on its location, time of year, queen strength and how long worker bees can live.

BEEPOP+ has many capabilities. For example, you can include Varroa in your colony and see its effects on colony growth and survival. You also can apply miticides to control Varroa and see the effects on colony survival. Different management scenarios also can be used in the program to determine the effects on colony growth and survival. For example, you can overwinter your colonies outdoors or in cold storage facilities. 

Because BEEPOP+ has many capabilities, it may take you some time to use all the features in the program. For this reason, we created three portals to enter the program: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. You might be an expert beekeeper, but if you are a first time user to the program, please choose ‘First Time User’ on the opening page.  You will enter as a Beginner, but as you become more comfortable with BEEPOP+, you can enter as an ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ user, and more of the program’s capabilities will be available.

One last tip, when you use a feature for the first time, please watch the ‘How to’ video for the feature. This will clarify how to enter or obtain information from the feature.

BEEPOP+ was constructed using the BEEPOP and VARROAPOP programs but includes additional features not available in those programs. If you would like to read more about BEEPOP and VARROAPOP, follow the link here: 

To access the model click here