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Cattle and Sheep Whole Genome Sequence (WGS)


USMARC Beef Cattle Diversity Panel (MBCDPv2.9)

Finished 14x WGS of 96 sires from 19 beef breeds representing >99% of the germplasm used in the US beef industry Article for cattle producers

USMARC Extended Cattle Diversity Panel (MECDPv1.0)

Ongoing 10x WGS from 46 breeds, includes MBCDPv2.9 sires plus four animals from each of 27 additional breeds 


USMARC Sheep Diversity Panel (MSDPv2.4)

Finished 16x WGS of 96 rams from 10 US sheep breeds representing diversity in traits like fertility, growth, and longevity.

USMARC Extended Sheep Diversity Panel (MESDPv1.0)

Ongoing 10x WGS from 15 breeds, includes MSDPv2.4 rams plus 10 animals from each of 5 additional breeds 

USMARC Sheep Tissues Bank Genotyping Controls (MSTBGCv30)

International Sheep Genome Consortium Sheep Panel (ISGC75)


10x WGS from 43 breeds and two wild species


Related species (mapped to cattle and/or sheep)

Ongoing 10x WGS from related species like gaur, bison, banteng, and yak.


Livestock Cell Lines (mapped to cattle and/or sheep)

Ongoing 10x WGS from cell lines used in USMARC research like Madin-Darby Bovine Kidney (MDBK) cells.