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10x WGS of ISGC75 by mixed groups

To view DNA sequence data for an animal or a mixed group:


Breed group Animal ID Region of Prominance Public links
ISGC75_Group1_8tracks URL      
Afshari AFS32 NW Iran URL
Afshari AFS33 NW Iran URL
African White Dorper AW454 South Africa URL
African White Dorper AWD1 South Africa URL
African White Dorper AWD3 South Africa URL
Awassi, Turkish AWT1 Turkey URL
Awassi, Turkish AWT2 Turkey URL
Brazilian Creole BCS1 Brazil URL
ISGC75_Group2_8tracks URL      
Brazilian Creole BCS3 Brazil URL
Bangladeshi BGE2 Bangladesh URL
Bangladeshi BGE4 Bangladesh URL
Morada Nova BMN3 Brazil URL
Morada Nova BMN4 Brazil URL
Santa Inês BSI3 Brazil URL
Santa Inês BSI4 Brazil URL
Castellana CAS1 Spain URL
ISGC75_Group3_8tracks URL      
Castellana CAS3 Spain URL
Cine Capari CC50 Turkey URL
Changthangi CHA02 Jammu and Kashmir URL
Changthangi CHA05 Jammu and Kashmir URL
Churra CHU1 Spain URL
Churra CHU2 Spain URL
Cheviot CHVA1 England-Scotland URL
Cheviot CHVC1 England-Scotland URL
ISGC75_Group4_8tracks URL      
Welsh Mountain, Dolgellau DWM1 Wales URL
Ethiopian Menz EMZ1 Ethiopia URL
Finnsheep FIN1 Finland URL
Finnsheep FIN4 Finland URL
Garole, Banglegdeshi GAR14 Bangledesh URL
Garole, Indian  GAR4 India URL
Gulf Coast native GCN4 USA Gulf Coast URL
Gulf Coast native GCN5 USA Gulf Coast URL
ISGC75_Group5_8tracks URL      
Garut GUR4 Indonesia URL
Garut GUR5 Indonesia URL
Karya KR4 Turkey URL
Karakas KRS3 Turkey URL
Karakas KRS5 Turkey URL
Lacaune, Meat LAC1 France URL
Lacaune, Milk LAC84 France URL
Merino MER454 Spain URL
ISGC75_Group6_8tracks URL      
Merino MERA1 Spain URL
Merino MERC1 Spain URL
Norduz NDZ1 Turkey URL
Norduz NDZ4 Turkey URL
Afrikaner, Namaqua NQA11 South Africa URL
Ovis canadensis OCAN1 Canada-USA URL
Ovis canadensis OCAN2 Canada-USA URL
Ovis canadensis OCAN3 Canada-USA URL
ISGC75_Group7_9tracks URL      
Ovis dalli ODAL1 Canada-USA URL
Ovis dalli ODAL2 Canada-USA URL
Ojalada OJA4 Spain URL
Ojalada OJA5 Spain URL
Dorset, Poll PD454 USA URL
Afrikaner, Ronderib RDA2 South Africa URL
Afrikaner, Ronderib RDA4 South Africa URL
Romney ROM454 England URL
Salz SALA1 Spain URL
ISGC75_Group8_9tracks URL      
Salz SALA2 Spain URL
Salz SALC1 Spain URL
Scottish Blackface SBF454 United Kingdom URL
Sakiz SKZ1 Turkey URL
Sakiz SKZ4 Turkey URL
Swiss Mirror SMS2 Switzerland URL
Sumatra SUM2 Sumatra URL
Sumatra SUM7 Sumatra URL
Swiss White Alpine SWAA27 Switzerland URL
ISGC75_Group9_9tracks URL      
Swiss White Alpine SWAA29 Switzerland URL
Swiss White Alpine SWAN3 Switzerland URL
Swiss White Alpine SWAN4 Switzerland URL
Texel TEX454 Netherlands URL
Welsh Mountain, Tregaron TWM1 Wales URL
Valais Blacknose VBS2 Switzerland URL
Welsh Hardy Speckled Face WHSF1 Wales URL
Tibetan, Northern ZB08 Tibet URL
Tibetan, Eastern ZD11 Tibet URL

A description of this ISGC panel from Heaton  et al. (2014) SNPs for Parentage Testing and Traceability in Globally Diverse Breeds of Sheep. PLoS ONE 9(4): e94851:

 "The ISGC had selected 75 animals for WGS to extend its investigation of genetic diversity and selection in the world’s sheep breeds [10]. The majority of animals (61%) were drawn from the previous study [10] to capture the diversity present across Ovis aries. Additional animals were recruited that either had previously been used in the construction of genomic resources for the sheep genome [26], carried disease genes, or were wild sheep sampled from the Bighorn (Ovis Canadensis) and Thinhorn (Ovis dalli) populations of North America. Each genome was sequenced to a depth of approximately 10-fold mapped read coverage with Illumina GAII (unpublished). Prepublication access to the .bam files was provided under the Toronto guidelines for data users [27]. In total, 70 domestic sheep from 43 breed groups were used to derive genotypes for the candidate SNPs and their nearby genomic regions. These data were combined with Sanger sequence data from a U.S. panel of 96 sheep (described below) to comprise a data set from 166 sheep totaling 54 breed groups."