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Roads & Pastures of the Santa Rita Experimental Watershed

The SWRC currently maintains eight subwatersheds within the Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER), the oldest continuously maintained experimental range in the western United States (est. 1903). Established in 1975, these eight small watersheds are set up as paired watersheds.

Each watershed is instrumented with one recording raingage and one flume. The watersheds range in size from 1.05 ha to 4.01 ha. Four of the watersheds (#1 - 4) are in the shrub-dominated lower portion of the experimental range; the remaining four watersheds (#5 - 8) are located in the grass dominated upper portion of the experimental range.

The Santa Rita Experimental Range is currently administered by the University of Arizona, the SRER serves as a primary research location for members of the SWRC working in cooperation with the University

GIS Data Sources

GIS coverages have been created in cooperation with the University of Arizona's Advanced Resource Technology lab. A small-scale GIS that covers the entire SRER is administered by the University's College of Agriculture . The SWRC maintains a large-scale GIS database that is focused on the 8 small subwatersheds administered by SWRC staff.

Published Data Sources

Data currently available for the Santa Rita Experimental Watersheds: (location #76 in the ARS Water Data Center database)

 Landsat image of the Santa Rita Experimental Watershed


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