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USDA Holds Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the Sam Farr United States Crop Improvement and Protection Research Center in Salinas, California
Nov 03, 2023
Fall Seasonal Effects Connected to E. coli Outbreaks in Bagged Romaine
Apr 12, 2022
Researchers Identify Romaine Lettuces That Last Longer
May 13, 2020
World's First True Red Spinach Variety Released
Nov 04, 2019
Making Spinach with Low Oxalate Levels
Jan 30, 2017
Detecting Decay Inside Bagged Lettuce with 'Electronic Eye'
Apr 29, 2016
New Hope for Extending Fresh-cut Vegetable Storage
Dec 31, 2015
E. coli Gets a Boost from Lettuce Disease
Jul 30, 2015
16 New Lettuce Breeding Lines from ARS
May 14, 2015
Virus Helps Scientists Identify "Who's Who" Among Two Veggie Enemies
Feb 08, 2013
USDA Scientists Say Mix-and-Match Cover Cropping Can Optimize Organic Production
Feb 04, 2013
Researchers Use Oxygenated Phosphine Fumigation to Control Insect Pests
Jul 11, 2012
Combating Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus
Mar 09, 2011
ARS Releases New Leaf Lettuce Breeding Lines with Corky Root Resistance
Jul 07, 2009
ARS Releases Iceberg Lettuce Breeding Lines Resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot
Apr 13, 2009
New Green Leaf Lettuce Leaves Leafminers in the Lurch
Dec 01, 2008
Fresh Ideas from ARS Nutrition Research
Mar 05, 2008
Spinach Gets New Protection Against Pesky Leafminers
Oct 09, 2007
Superb Iceberg Lettuces Resist Corky Root, Mosaic Virus
Mar 23, 2007
Superior Lettuces Fend Off Two Destructive Viruses
Feb 12, 2007
Rhizomania Resistance Helps Keep Sugar Beets Safe
Feb 06, 2007
Plant Doctors Target Sudden Oak Death
Feb 01, 2005