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Selected Publications
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••          McElrone AJ, J Bichler, WT Pockman, RN Addington, CR Linder, RB Jackson. Aquaporin mediated changes in hydraulic conductivity of deep tree roots accessed via caves. 2007. Plant Cell & Environment 30:1411-1421.


••          McElrone AJ, Jackson S, Habdas P. 2008. Hydraulic disruption and passive migration by a bacterial pathogen in oak tree xylem.   Journal of Experimental Botany 59 (10): 2649- 2657.


••          McElrone AJ, WT Pockman, J Martinez-Vilalta, RB Jackson. 2005. Variation in xylem structure and function for stems and roots of trees to 20 m depth.  New Phytologist 163: 507-517.


••          Peek MS, AJ McElrone, IN Forseth. 2004. Gas exchange responses of a desert herbaceous perennial to variable sunlight in contrasting microsites. Journal of Arid Environments 58: 439-449.


••          McElrone AJ and IN Forseth. 2004.  Photosynthetic responses of a temperate liana to Xylella fastidiosa infection and drought stress. Journal of Phytopathology 152: 9-20.


••          McElrone AJ, JL Sherald, IN Forseth. 2003. Interactive effects of water stress and xylem-limited bacterial infection on the water relations of a host vine.  Journal of Experimental Botany Vol. 54 (381): 419-430.


••          Sullivan JS, DC Gitz, MS Peek, AJ McElrone. 2003.  Response of three eastern tree species to supplemental UV-B radiation: leaf chemistry and gas exchange. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 120(1-4): 219-228.


••          McElrone AJ, JL Sherald, IN Forseth. 2001.  Effects of water stress on symptomatology and growth of Parthenocissus quinquefolia infected by Xylella fastidiosa. Plant Disease 85(11):1160-1164.


••          McElrone AJ, JL Sherald, MR Pooler. 1999.  Identification of alternative hosts of Xylella fastidiosa in the Washington DC area using nested polymerase chain reaction. Journal of Arboriculture 25: 258-263.