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Adopt A Crop
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Adopt A Crop

Formerly known as the "Adopt A Row" program, this program is to encourage creating a personal connection to our wonderful garden.  It will hopefully also allow for participation of those who can't always make it out to the regular field days but want to work in the garden in their free time.

When you "adopt a crop", it will be your crop to pay a little extra attention to and monitor as it grows and produces.  If it needs a little extra weeding or is being attacked by insects/animals/fungus, you will likely be the first to notice.  You can tend to such tasks yourself whenever is convenient for you.  Or you can let the Field Leader that week know so it can be dealt with by the other volunteers.  Of course all rows will be weeded & mulched during our weekly visit, however you can take special pride in your row. Visit it often!  A five minute tending could save hours of work later by catching a problem early.

Each crop has different characteristics, some will require lots of attention at certain times of the year, some just need the occasional check in and weeding and then one big day of harvesting.  Some of the more enthusiastic crops can be adopted by multiple people. 

Signups for Adopt a Crop will be starting soon, please stay tuned.  When that starts, if you are a Garden Volunteer, please contact the webmaster to sign up.

Crops in italics have been adopted.  Crops in bold need adopting!

Prolific crops

Continual Harvest Crops (Plants that either are harvested continuously, or that grow quickly and will be reeplanted)

Slow growing crops/Single Harvest Crops