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Albany Location Contacts
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Office of the Director
Bill Orts
Acting Center Director
Ph: 510-559-5730 Fax: 510-559-5963
Jackie Green
Executive Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5600

Facility Engineer
Ph: 510-559-5602 
Megan Kennedy
Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Ph: 510-559-6059
James Banghart
Information Technology Specialist
Ph: 510-559-6178
All Media inquiries:
Nirav Shah
Public Affairs Specialist
Ph: 331-313-7665
ARS Office of Communications

Location Support Services
Gwyn Watson
Administrative Officer
Ph: 510-559-6029 Fax: 510-559-5638
Dolores Gantan
Administrative Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-6030

Office of Technology Transfer (Pacific West Area, OTT)
David Nicholson
Technology Transfer Coordinator
Ph: 510-559-5641 Fax: 510-559-6091
Teresa O'Keeffe
Technology Transfer Assistant
Ph: 510-559-6488 Fax: 510-559-6091

Research Units at WRRC

Bioproducts Research Unit (BRU)
Charles Lee
Acting Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5858 Fax: 510-559-5818
Cynthia Manio
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 310-869-5459

Crop Improvement and Genetics Research Unit (CIG)
Yong Gu
Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5950 Fax: 510-559-5818
Anakaren Ibarra
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5934

Foodborne Toxin Detection & Prevention Research Unit (FTDP)
Jeffery McGarvey
Acting Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5837 Fax: 510-559-6429
Angela Burgess
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-6428

Healthy Processed Foods Research Unit (HPFR)
Yixiang Xu
Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5644 Fax: 510-559-5818
Aurianna Newman
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5650

Invasive Species and Pollinator Health Research Unit (ISPH)
Paul Pratt
Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-6127
Anisha Blanson
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5750

Produce Safety and Microbiology Research Unit (PSM)
Vivian Wu
Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5829 Fax: 510-559-6165
Lucy Choi
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5610