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2007 Events
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On August 2, Dr. Ramesh Kantety, Associate Professor from Alabama A&M, visited our Unit and presented a seminar on integration mapping and chromosome dissection.






During the week of June 25 an ARS "CARE" team visited out Unit.  The team conducted personal interviews with staff and reviewed specific administrative procedures.  Information gathered by the team will help us improve our unit's administrative functions.  From left to right the team members were:  Jackie Sullivan, John Barrientes, Salvio Torres, Marcie Currie-Gross, Delisa Robinson and JoAnne Gresens.



Dr. Khush


Dr. Gurdev Khush, adjunct Professor with the University of California-Davis and a world-class plant breeder, visited our Unit on June 11. Dr. Khush presented a seminar describing highlights from his 35 years of developing hardy, high-yielding rice plants now grown on millions of acres around the globe.  His work has led to top honors from governments and scientific organizations in China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan and Vietnam, and the Philippines, United Kingdom and United States.



Arbor Day 2007


An Arbor day tree planting ceremony was held at the Aberdeen, ID USDA-ARS Facility

May 1, 2007



Aberdeen Grade School students attending the Arbor Day tree planting at the USDA-ARS.


Gerry Bates, Community Forestry Assistant with the Idaho Department of Lands instructing the students on how to plant the seedling trees that were given to them by the Aberdeen GEM group.


Aberdeen mayor Morgan Anderson accepting the Tree City USA flag from Gerry Bates.
Aberdeen, ID has been a Tree City for 8 years - signs to be posted at city entrances.



New Offerings Target Aphid's Grip on Barley




Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Young Scientists Day
April 18, 2007


This program continues our outreach from previous years. Children or grandchildren of USDA-ARS and University of Idaho employees will attend with their sponsoring adult, in celebration of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  Attendance is capped at 20 young scientists, so volunteers will mentor 6th grade science students to fill any remaining slots. Activities will likely include DNA extraction, bread making, potato plant pollination, bugs and other crawly things, potato diseases and greenhouse tours.  All activities are hands-on as much as possible. This takes an entire day and is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18, 2007. 



Science Workshop - March 16, 2007


The Aberdeen USDA-ARS will hold a science workshop for selected science students Friday, March 16, 2007. The workshop will feature forensic "crime scene" and "suspect" DNA comparisons using the basic research procedures for recombinant DNA analysis. Eight of the 2006 Science Symposium winners will be joined by seven top 7th and 8th grade science students, and will follow the study curriculum under the direction of research scientists and support staff.  They may be in for a big surprise when they determine which suspect was at the crime scene!





  Dr. Akihiro Moriya, Potato Breeder with Hokuren Federation of  Agricultural Cooperatives, Hokkaido, Japan, visited Dr. Rich Novy, to discuss potato germplasm and varieties on February 16, 2007.



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