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Benjamin Gutierrez

Geneticist Plants


Benjamin Gutierrez

Apple & Tart Cherry Curator

Plant Genetic Resources Unit

(315) 787.2439


I am a PGRU geneticist and curator of the PGRU Apple (Malus) and Tart Cherry (Prunus) collections. Apples are one of the most valuable and beloved fruits in the world, with a fascinating evolutionary and domestication history. Tart cherries have amazing fruit quality traits for fresh eating and processing. We maintain 3,000+ field accessions, including named cultivars and landraces, pre-breeding lines, and apple and cherry wild relatives. My goal is to ensure these resources are available for research and cultivar development for generations to come! We use molecular techniques and trait characterization to explore the diversity within our collection and to facilitate germplasm utilization. Currently, my research is focused on metabolite diversity, including aroma in grapes and phenolics in apple and tart cherry, and using aerial phenotyping to record phenological data in germplasm collections. 

Learn more about our Apple and Tart Cherry Collections.

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PGRU frequently hosts summer interns. Contact me for more information.





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