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Radish Collection
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USDA Radish (Raphanus) Collection


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(Left) Raphanus sativus L. (Round Black Spanish), (Center) The oldest radish in the PGRU collection, Raphanus sativus L. (Xiao Shui Luo Bo), (Right) Raphanus raphanistrum L. seeds


The radish collection at the Plant Genetic Resources UnitRadish Production consists of more than 710 accessions. Radish is a member of the Brassicaceae (alt. Cruciferae) family and is an annual crop for seed production. We currently house 3 botanical classes: raphanistrum (jointed charlock), raphanistrum subsp. Landra (sea radish), and sativus (radish). The majority of our accessions are sativus species with approximately 700 accessions.

The PGRU radish collection spans almost 60 years of history, with our first accession collected from China in 1934 to our most recent addition from the United States in 1996. A majority of our radishes come from various regions in the United States, India, Turkey, and Iran.  

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Visit the RADISH crop page in GRIN-Global to find citations, descriptor data, and genetic markers. 

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Radish Production in the United States


Data from USDA NASS

PGRU Radish Accession Distribution 1988-2021

Data from GRIN-Global