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Closing the Circle
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Closing The Circle AwardThe White House Closing the Circle (CTC) Awards recognizes Federal employees and their facilities for efforts which resulted in significant contributions to or have made a significant impact on the environment.

The awards focus on achievements in pollution prevention, recycling, accquisition of green products and use of Environmental Management Systems.

The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive administers these awards. Their mission is to promote sustainable environmental stewardship throughout the federal government.

Previous Winners     Instructions and Nomination Form

2003 Award - Biobased Products
2002 Award - BARC Environmental Management System
2001 Award - BARC Biodiesel Demonstration

Farm machines at BARC that run on biodiesel - ARS photo K8247-15

BARC's fleet of 150 farm and road vehicles are using 'B20,' a 20-percent soy-based biodiesel/80-percent regular diesel mix. ARS News and Events