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WWEIA/NHANES 2001-2002
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Intake Days and Survey Integration

One day of dietary intake data, collected in person in the Mobile Examination Center, was released.  The Day 1 files include 9,701 individuals with a complete intake and 182 breastfed infants.

The 2001-2002 release represents the integration of two nationwide dietary intake surveys conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. Survey integration of dietary data collection began in 2002.

The WWEIA 2002 data collection included a Day 2 telephone recall, in addition to the Day 1 in-person recall.  The NHANES 2001 collection included only the Day 1 in-person recall.   Because of confidentiality reasons concerning release of single-year data, dietary data for Day 2 were not publicly released.  The 2002 Day 2 dietary data are available through the NCHS Research Data Center.

Data File Descriptions

Two dietary intake files are available.

Sampling Weights

The dietary intake data are collected in the Mobile Examination Center and all MEC participants are eligible for the dietary interview. The appropriate sampling weight variable to use with these data is WTMEC2YR (full sample 2-year MEC exam weight).