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CSFII 1985-1986
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IMPORTANT… Nearly all the information provided with the original release continues to be applicable for this web release. Some changes have been made to data formats and other items, so please keep the following points in mind as you read the documentation:

  • The Variable_CrossRef.pdf file, also available as an Excel spreadsheet, provides a cross reference between the starting column position and the SAS variable name. Since SAS does not use column positions, this file will be useful when the documentation refers to column positions.
  • References to implied decimals are no longer relevant. The SAS variables carry the appropriate number of decimal places.
  • The "blanks" referred to in the "Dataset Characteristics and Format" section have been removed from the SAS files.
  • 4-day datasets do not contain data for all participants, only those who provided at least 4 waves of data.
  • Although some 1-day documentation and 1-day reports are posted, there are no 1-day datasets. Wave 1 data for all individuals is included in the six-wave datasets.
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