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DNA Methods for Quality Control of Botanical Products
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DNA Methods for Quality Control of Botanical Products

October 23-24, 2014
USP Meetings Center •-• Rockville, MD



Analysis of botanical products by DNA-based methods provides unique information for the identification of plant materials. The sensitivity and specificity of detection by DNA-based methods complement chemical and chromatographic analysis. This workshop, co-sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), aims to bring stakeholders together to discuss the strengths, limitations and applications of DNA-based methods and to collect feedback on the technology and its utility as a tool for botanical identification and quality control.   

Topics Include

••        Taxonomy, DNA analysis, chemical fingerprinting and metabolomics approaches

••        Next-generation DNA methods; bacterial and fungal ecology

••        Reference materials and validation

••        Economic impact of DNA-based analysis

••        Regulatory approaches

••        Pharmacopeial perspectives for characterization

••        Botanical supplements and the industry perspective


Co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

New speakers added to agenda!

The linked Stimuli article provides a summary of DNA-based methods for botanical authentication and adulterant detection and discusses the pros and cons of each method for compendial application.

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