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BHNRC Seminar Series 2022
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BHNRC Seminar Series - 2022

Tuesday, February 15th - Dr. Allen Smith, from The Diet, Genomics and Immunology Laboratory, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, USDA-ARS

Title - "Resistant potato starch alters the microbiome, gene expression, and resistance to Citrobacter rodentium infection in mice fed a Western diet based on NHANES data"

BHNRC Seminar 2-15-22 

Tuesday February 22nd - Dr. Mike Bukowski, from The Methods and Application of Food Composition Laboratory (MAFCL), Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, USDA-ARS

Title - "Lipidomic analysis of TRPC1 Ca2+ permeable channel-knock out mouse demonstrates a vital role in sphingolipid and triacylglycerol homeostasis under high-fat diet."

BHNRC Seminar 2-22-22

Tuesday March 15th- Dr. Christopher Taylor, from Ohio State University

Title- "Dietary Patterns: The Underlying Story"

BHNRC Seminar 03-15-22 

Tuesday March 29th- Dr. Jorge Fonseca, from USDA's Food Quality Laboratory, BARC

Title- Do sensory traits matter? Towards a nutrient-dense future

BHNRC Seminar 03-29-22

Tuesday April 26th - Stuart Bender from USDA's Office of Ethics

Title- "5 Strategies Every Supervisor Needs to Know to Navigate the New Hybrid Workplace"

BHNRC Seminar 04-26-22

Tuesday May 10th- Dr. Lauren O'Connor from USDA's Food Components and Health Laboratory

Title- "To Eat Red Meat, or Not To Eat Red Meat: Why That Remains a Question."

BHNRC Seminar 05-10-22

Tuesday May 17th- Stephanie Hunter from Monell Chemical Senses Center

Title- "Smell Loss Due to COVID"

BHNRC Seminar 05-17-22

Tuesday June 7th- Dave Luthria

Title- Fiber Analysis- Ankom Technology: Method Development & Challenges

BHNRC Seminar 06-07-22

Tuesday September 20th - Dr. Kai Blumburg

Title- "Open Biological Ontologies as FAIR Vocabularies in Support of Food and Nutritional Data: Principles, Projects and Ontology-Based Data Harmonization Applications"

BHNRC Seminar 09-20-22

Tuesday October 18th - Pamela Pehrsson- MAFCL, Abby Ershow- ODS, Judith Spungen- FDA and Karen S. Regan- ODS

Title- "Iodine in Foods and Dietary Supplements: A Collaborative Initiative by USDA, NIH-ODS, and FDA"

BHNRC Seminar 10-18-22