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Southern Great Plains Experiment 1997 (SGP97)

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The SGP97 (Southern Great Plains 1997) Hydrology Experiment field campaign has been completed. This phase of the project was extremely successful due to the hard work of the people, the performance of the observing systems, and some good luck with regard to the weather. Near future efforts will focus on compilation and quality control of individual data sets.

This web page will serve as a temporary location for some of the background material, real time observations made during the field campaign and some preliminary results. Eventually the focus will shift to soil moisture mapping when a project web site is developed.

The original experiment plan; contains background material.

Calendar of events
Summary of aircraft and satellite data collection activities (Does not include any information on the flux measurement aircraft activities).

General Meterological Conditions

Gravimetric Soil Moisture
Field averages for selected sites

ESTAR Quick Look Images
Brightness temperature images from the Electronically Scanned Thinned Array Radiometer (L band passive microwave radiometer). Many images.

Landsat TM images
July 9, 1997 Landsat TM imagery over the experiment area.

SGP97 Scrapbook
Digital photographs of people and facilities during the field campaign.

Additional information sources