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AIP awards

Team awards  |  Scientist awards

Team awards

Year Award Presenter
1991 Unit Award for Distinguished Service  |  Photo USDA
1991 Award of Special Appreciation National DHIA
1997 50 consecutive evaluations released on scheduled date
(last missed release date was October 1974)
1998 Government Technology Leadership Award Government Executive magazine
2000 Hammer Award
(award given by Vice President Al Gore to employees who participated in a team effort that contributed dramatically to improving the way government works; the hammer is a symbol both of tearing down and building up and how Federal government is working with citizens, State, and local government to build a government that works better and costs less)
National Parternership for Reinventing Government
2000 Superior Effort Technology Transfer Award  |  Photo ARS, USDA
2010 Secretary's Honor Award for Helping America Promote Sustainable Agricultural Production and Biotechnology Exports as America Works to Increase Food Security  |  ARS members of the Cattle Genomics Consortium, Program USDA
2011 Exemplary Case Selected for Special Recognition
(case studies of selected collaborative research projects that have yielded significant impacts for taxpayers through benefits to agriculture, food, nutrition or natural resources)
Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Natural Resources R&D Round Table
2015 Award of Recognition
(award in recognition of international development of genomic predictions for dairy cattle; "Your sustained dedication has improved the lives of U.S. farm families and consumers significantly.")
Board of Directors, Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
2020 Letter of Recognition
(letter in recognition of outstanding scientific achievement and excellence for the research case study “Genetic Improvement of Economic Traits in Dairy Cattle,” which was selected as one of top 3 most successful and economically impactful projects among 1,330 projects over 40 years)
BARD 40-Year External Review, Research Impact Assessment, United States–Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund

Scientist awards

ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) Mary L. Farley Award
(recognizes an individual, couple, or partnership for outstanding work on behalf of the dairy goat industry; named in honor of Mary L. Farley, former secretary and past president, ADGA)
1985 Frank N. Dickinson 2000 George R. Wiggans
ADSA (American Dairy Science Association) Distinguished Service Award
(recognizes an individual for outstanding and consistent contributions to the welfare of the dairy industry based on broad national or international contributions)
2011 H. Duane Norman  |  Journal of Dairy Science
ADSA Fellow Award
(recognizes a Dairy Foods Division and a Production Division member of the American Dairy Science Association who have rendered distinguished service to the dairy industry over 20 years or more)
2001 H. Duane Norman  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2005 Rex L. Powell  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2012 George R. Wiggans  |  ARS & You  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2016 Curtis P. Van Tassell  |  Journal of Dairy Science
ADSA International Dairy Production Award
(recognizes his research activity and international expertise in the field of dairy sciences)
2009 Rex L. Powell  |  Journal of Dairy Science
ADSA Jay L. Lush Award
(recognizes outstanding research in animal breeding that had the potential for improvement of dairy cattle; named in honor of Jay L. Lush, former professor, Iowa State University)
1995 H. Duane Norman  |  Journal of Dairy Science
1996 George R. Wiggans
1997 Rex L. Powell
2000 Paul M. VanRaden  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2012 Curtis P. Van Tassell  |  ARS & You  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2015 John B. Cole  |  Journal of Dairy Science
ADSA JDS Club 100 Award
(recognizes individuals who have authored or coauthored 100 or more papers in the Journal of Dairy Science)
2017 Robert H. Miller (retired), H. Duane Norman (retired), and George R. Wiggans (retired)  |  Members of inaugural group  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2020 Paul M. VanRaden  |  Journal of Dairy Science
ADSA Land O'Lakes, Inc./Zinpro Award for Excellence in Dairy Science
(recognizes outstanding research in dairy production or manufacturing contributing to improvement or care of dairy cattle, development and improvement of processes, products, equipment, methods, handling, and sanitation)
2007 H. Duane Norman  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2019 Paul M. VanRaden  |  Journal of Dairy Science
ADSA Most Cited Award (Genetics and Breeding)
(recognizes contributors to the Journal of Dairy Science whose work is significantly impacting research and the dairy industry)
2011 Paul M. VanRaden  |  Press release
2012 Paul M. VanRaden  |  ARS & You  |  Journal of Dairy Science  
2014 George R. Wiggans  |  Journal of Dairy Science
2016 Paul M. VanRaden  |  Journal of Dairy Science
ADSA NDHIA (National Dairy Herd Information Association) Award
recognizes outstanding contributions to the Dairy Herd Improvement Program)
1983 Frank N. Dickinson  |  Journal of Dairy Science
AJCA (American Jersey Cattle Association)-NAJ (National All-Jersey) Award for Meritorious Service
(recognizes a notable contribution to the advancement of the Jersey breed and the livelihood of Jersey owners in the United States through research, education, development, marketing, or other significant activities of the allied dairy industry)
2012 H. Duane Norman  (retired) and Curtis P. Van Tassell  |  ARS & You
ARPAS (American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists), Washington DC Chapter, Dr. Vernon G. Pursel Memorial Distinguished Service Award
(recognizes distinguished service to the animal sciences and professional character and career accomplishments that serve as a model for professional animal scientists)
2008 Robert H. Miller (retired) 2015 George R. Wiggans  | Photo
2009 H. Duane Norman 2018 Paul M. VanRaden
ARS Outstanding Early Career Scientist of the Year
(recognizes creative efforts of individuals or teams of research scientists who have at least one contribution of major impact or with potential for major impact on science and technology)
1995 Paul M. VanRaden 2003 Curtis P. Van Tassell
ARS Science Hall of Fame
(recognizes ARS scientists that have produced a major impact on agricultural research, have made accomplishments that continue to be recognized, possess the character and record of achievement worthy of emulation, and have made achievements that were nationally or internationally recognized by peers)
2020 Paul M. VanRaden    
IBM Supercomputing Competition, Life and Health Sciences Division, 3rd place
(recognizes those individuals whose imagination has elevated the state of the art in analysis and modeling)
1989 George R. Wiggans and coauthors Paul M. VanRaden and Suzanne M. Hubbard
Journal of Dairy Science Featured Article of the Month (Editor's Choice)
(displayed on journal's home page for the month of publication)
2013 Paul M. VanRaden and coauthors Daniel J. Null, Mehdi Sargolzaei, George R. Wiggans, Melvin E. Tooker, John B. Cole, Tad S. Sonstegard, Erin E. Connor, Marco Winters, Johannes (Jan-Thijs) B.C.H.M. van Kaam, Alessio Valentini, Brian J. Van Doormaal, Marjorie A. Faust, and Gordon A. Doak  |  Genomic imputation and evaluation using high-density Holstein genotypes (January)
Paul M. VanRaden and coauthors Tabatha A. Cooper, George R. Wiggans, Jeffrey R. O'Connell, and Lillian R. Bacheller  |  Confirmation and discovery of maternal grandsires and great-grandsires in dairy cattle (March)
Joel I. Weller and coauthors Paul M. VanRaden and George R. Wiggans  |  Application of a posteriori granddaughter and modified granddaughter designs to determine Holstein haplotype effects (August)
2014 John B. Cole and coauthors Benno Waurich, Monika Wensch-Dorendorf, Derek M. Bickhart, and Hermann H. Swalve  |  A genome-wide association study of calf birth weight in Holstein cattle using single nucleotide polymorphisms and phenotypes predicted from auxiliary traits (May)
Kristen D. Gay and coauthors Nicole J. Olynk Widmar, Tamilee D. Nennich, Allan P. Schinckel, John B. Cole, and Michael M. Schutz  |  Development of a Lifetime Merit-based selection index for US dairy grazing systems (July)
Paul M. VanRaden and coauthors Melvin E. Tooker, Janice R. Wright, Chuanyu Sun, and Jana L. Hutchison  |  Comparison of single-trait to multi-trait national evaluations for yield, health, and fertility (December)
2015 George R. Wiggans and coauthors Paul M. VanRaden, and Tabatha A. Cooper  |  Technical note: Rapid calculation of genomic evaluations for new animals (March)
2016 Heather A. Adams and coauthors Tad S. Sonstegard, Paul M. VanRaden, Daniel J. Null, Curtis P. Van Tassell, Denis M. Larkin, and Harris A. Lewin  |  Identification of a nonsense mutation in APAF1 that is likely causal for a decrease in reproductive efficiency in Holstein dairy cattle (August)
John B. Cole and coauthors Daniel J. Null and Paul M. VanRaden  |  Phenotypic and genetic effects of recessive haplotypes on yield, longevity, and fertility (September)
Karun Kaniyamattam and coauthors Mauricio A. Elzo, John B. Cole, and Albert De Vries  |  Stochastic dynamic simulation modeling including multitrait genetics to estimate genetic, technical, and financial consequences of dairy farm reproduction and selection strategies (October) 
2017 Kristen L. Parker Gaddis and coauthors Serdal Dikmen, Daniel J. Null, John B. Cole, and Peter J. Hansen  |  Evaluation of genetic components in traits related to superovulation, in vitro fertilization, and embryo transfer in Holstein cattle (April)
M. Sofia Ortega and coauthors Anna C. Denicol, John B. Cole, Daniel J. Null, Jeremy F. Taylor, Robert D. Schnabel, and Peter J. Hansen  |  Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in candidate genes previously related to genetic variation in fertility with phenotypic measurements of reproductive function in Holstein cows (May)
Nathanael M. Thompson, and coauthors Nicole Olynk Widmar, Michael M. Schutz, John B. Cole, and Christopher A. Wolf  |  Economic considerations of breeding for polled dairy cows versus dehorning in the United States (June)
2019 Maci L. Mueller and coauthors John B. Cole, Tad S. Sonstegard, and Alison L. Van Eenennaam  |  Comparison of gene editing versus conventional breeding to introgress the POLLED allele into the US dairy cattle population (May)
Daniel J.A. Santos and coauthors John B. Cole, Thomas J. Lawlor, Jr., Paul M. VanRaden, Humberto Tonhati, and Li Ma  |  Variance of gametic diversity and its application in selection programs (June)
Bingjie Li, Lingzhao Fang, Daniel J. Null, Jana L. Hutchison, Erin E. Connor, Paul M. VanRaden, Michael J. VandeHaar, Robert J. Tempelman, Kent A. Weigel, and John B. Cole  |  High-density genome-wide association study for residual feed intake in Holstein dairy cattle (December)
2020 Taylor M. McWhorter, Jana L. Hutchison, H. Duane Norman, John B. Cole, Gary C. Fok, Daniela A.L. Lourenco, and Paul M. VanRaden  |  Investigating conception rate for beef service sires bred to dairy cows and heifers (November)
Journal of Dairy Science Top 100
(recognizes papers as being among the most highly cited of those published during the previous 3 years)
2021 Li Ma, John B.Cole, Yang Da, and Paul M. VanRaden. 2019. Symposium review: Genetics, genome-wide association study, and genetic improvement of dairy fertility traits.
John B.Cole and Paul M. VanRaden. 2018. Symposium review: Possibilities in an age of genomics: The future of selection indices.
2020 Bjorg Heringstad, Christa Egger-Danner,  Noureddine Charfeddine, Jennie E. Pryce,  Kathrin F. Stock, Jonathan Kofler, Åse M. Sogstad, Menno Holzhauer, Andrea Fiedler, Kerstin Müller, Pia Nielsen, Gilles Thomas, Nicolas Gengler, Gerben de Jong, Cecilie Ødegård, Francesca Malchiodi, Filippo Miglior, Maher Alsaaod, and John B.Cole. 2018. Invited review: Genetics and claw health: Opportunities to enhance claw health by genetic selection.
NAAB (National Association of Animal Breeders) Research Award
(recognizes a significant contribution to the furtherance of the artificial insemination industry during the last 5 years)
1988 Frank N. Dickinson  |  Website 2002 Paul M. VanRaden  | Website
1993 H. Duane Norman  |  Website 2014 Curtis P. Van Tassell  |  Website
1994 Rex L. Powell  |  Website 2020 John B. Cole
1996 George R. Wiggans  |  Website    
National Dairy Shrine Guest of Honor Award
(recognizes a contemporary dairy leader for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the dairy industry)
2007 H. Duane Norman  |  Website
National Dairy Shrine Pioneer Award
(recognizes an individual who has been a pioneer of the dairy industry)
2007 Frank N. Dickinson (retired)  |  Website 2010 Rex L. Powell (retired)  |  Website
NDHIA Outstanding Service Award
(recognizes an individual who has over many years been dedicated to the improvement of, and has provided notable leadership to, the advancement of DHIA)
1999 H. Duane Norman  |  Website
2005 Rex L. Powell  |  Website
2006 George R. Wiggans  |  Website
2010 Lillian R. Bacheller and Leigh M. Walton  | Photo  | News release  |  Website
2018 John B. Cole  |  News release  |  Website
Northeast ADSA-ASAS (American Society of Animal Science) Distinguished Service Award
(recognizes outstanding contributions to the broad field of animal/dairy science by a scientist who has long and distinguished service)
2006 Rex L. Powell (retired)  |  Newsletter 2011 H. Duane Norman  |  Newsletter
2009 Robert H. Miller (retired)  |  Newsletter    
Northeast ADSA-ASAS Young Scientist/Research Award
(recognizes outstanding contributions to the broad field of animal/dairy science by a young scientist as a researcher)
1997 Paul M. VanRaden 2003 Curtis P. Van Tassell  |  Newsletter
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
(recognizes demonstrated excellence and promise of future success in scientific or engineering research and the potential for eventual leadership of the awardees in their respective fields)
2003 Curtis P. Van Tassell  |  Website
Stanford University's World's Top 2% of Scientists
(recognizes researchers who represent the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in various disciplines)
2020 Paul M. VanRadenJohn B. ColeGeorge R. Wiggans (retired), and Curtis P. Van Tassell  |  2019 and career citations  |  Website
Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics' Highly Cited Researchers
(recognizes researchers who ranked in the top 1% for total citations for articles published in their respective fields)
2014 Paul M. VanRaden  |  Articles published 2002–12 in agricultural sciences  |  Website
2015 Paul M. VanRaden  |  Articles published 2003–13 in agricultural sciences  |  Website
2016 Paul M. VanRaden and George R. Wiggans (retired)  |  Articles published 2004–14 in agricultural sciences  |  Website
2017 Paul M. VanRaden and George R. Wiggans (retired)  |  Articles published 2005–15 in agricultural sciences  |  Website
2018 Paul M. VanRaden, George R. Wiggans (retired), and Tad S Sonstegard (former BFGL/AGIL scientist) |  Articles published 2006–16 in agricultural sciences or across fields |  Website
2019 Curtis P. Van Tassell, Paul M. VanRaden, and George R. Wiggans (retired)  |  Articles published 2008–18 in agricultural sciences or across fields  |  Website
2020 Paul M. VanRaden and George R. Wiggans (retired)  |  Articles published 2009–19 in agricultural sciences  |  Website
World Dairy Expo Industry Person of the Year
(recognizes excellence in research, development, education, marketing, or other fields that are part of the dairy industry)
2011 H. Duane Norman  | World Dairy Expo video  |  Brownfield interview  |  World Dairy Diary interview  |  Website
2014 Curtis P. Van Tassell  | interview  |  Website
World Jersey Cattle Bureau Distinguished Achievement Award
(recognizes outstanding contribution to the breeding, development, or promotion of the Jersey breed or its products at an international level)
2014 H. Duane Norman (retired)  |  Website

Compiled by Paul VanRaden and Suzanne Hubbard