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Office of Technology Transfer

The Midwest Area Office of Technology Transfer works with Midwest Area scientists to identify and facilitate transfer of ARS research results to our end users and customers. Our office provides guidance and assistance in development of technology transfer strategies, identifying potential new inventions, and management of agreements to facilitate partnerships. MWA Technology Transfer staff, in consultation with ARS line and program management and the ARS Office of Technology Transfer, assist scientists in the development and execution of Non-Disclosure Agreements, Data Transfer Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Material Transfer Research Agreements, and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements. We also work with the MWA Office and ARS Grants Management Specialists with regard to other intellectual property issues, and can provide assistance related to copyright issues. 

Kenneth Doll, Ph.D.
Technology Transfer
1815 N. University Street
Peoria, IL 61604

Babette Davis
Technology Transfer Assistant
1815 N. University Street
Peoria, IL 61604

For additional information about the ARS patent and licensing program, as well as other technology transfer resources, please see the ARS Office of Technology Transfer.