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MWACOP Archived News Notes
Below are all Archived News Notes and Article Titles - Click the Link to View the Full Article!

2015 Issues
Message from the Co-Chairs
Administrative Professionals Week
What is AXON?
MWACOP Website Update
Microsoft Lync

2014 Issues
Message from the Co-Chairs
Helpful Hints and Reminder Calendar
Office Professional Spotlight

Message from the Co-Chairs
MWA Office Professionals Training Workshop
Helpful Grammar Hints and Suggestion Box
Office Professional Spotlight
2014 ARS Employee Recognition Program Award Winners
Retirement Announcements
Welcome to the Midwest

2013 Issues
Message from the Co-Chairs
The ARS Research Position Evaluation System (RPES) an Overview
Flexible Work Schedules
How to Fill out the Comment Tabs for Purchase Card & Convenience Check Transactions - Updated Guide
Personnel Changes and Retirements

Attitude Affects Altitude
Eastern Business Service Center
Yes, YOU are a Limited Resource!
Stress and Stress Management Tips Rarely Help you Deal with Crappy Situations at Work
Eastern Business Service Center (EBSC) Portal
Office Professional Spotlight: Meet Becky Roland
Personnel Changes

Message from the Co-Chairs
NACOP Training Workshop
December Holiday Celebrations
Office Professional Spotlight
Personnel Changes

2012 Issues
Message from the Co-Chairs
The Finer Points of OSQR
Upcoming Dates for ARIS
Appraisals/Annual Reports
Correspondence: Reminder on Using the Correct Format
The Value of Mentoring - An Investment in Yourself and USDA

2009 Issues
Message from the Co-Chairs
Administrative Professionals Month - April
MWA New Arrivals
EEO Activities
How to Green your Day Job
Take Control of your E-Mail Inbox
8 Tips to Survive in an Open-Plan Office
March was Women's History Month

2008 Issues
NACOP Representative
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Create a Stress-Free Office
IDP - The Road to Success
Annual Report Tips
Submitting an LOI for MWA Approval
Summer Safety Reminders

Message from the Co-Chairs
Accomplishing Medium-Term Goals Lead to Achieving Long-Term Goals
Microsoft SharePoint and CATS II
Special Emphasis Observances
New Time and Attendance System (Web-TA)
Pronoun Grammar Tips
8 Tips for Better Emails
Holiday Guidance for Federal Personnel
Armistice Day Changed to Honor All Veterans
Free On-Line Training

2007 Issues
Changing Faces
The Gift of Life
E-Mail Etiquette Reminders
Time Management
Helpful File Management Tips
Celebrating Women's History Month

2006 Issues
News from the Co-Chairs
Changing Faces
Helpful Hints
Federal Woman's Program

New Director in Ames, IA
Ames, IA - Modernization Update
What Did You Say?
Election Day: November 7
What Can I Do to Help You?

2005 Issues
News from the Co-Chairs
MWA Retirements
Women's History and Agriculture Highlights
RPES Exhibit Updates
Calendar and Helpful Hints

News from the Co-Chairs
New PASTG Member Represents NADC
MWA Budget & Fiscal Officer Vacancy Filled by Laura Abney
Star Training Held in Peoria, IL
Displaying Our Flag
Calendar and Helpful Hints

2004 Issues
News from the Co-Chairs
RPES Submission Changes
Changing Faces
National Agricultural Laboratory
Parkinson's Law
Weekly Report
Non-ARS Authors on 115's
Required Sources for Purchasing

News from the Co-Chairs
MWA Secretary of the Year
Changing Faces
Why I Keep P&P 253.4 Handy At All Times!
Tips and Tricks
Reminders, Calendar, and Helpful Hints

News from the Co-Chairs
"Discover Tools" Conference A Success!
Indiana Staff Forms Support Group
Color-Coded Organization
The Fine Art of Persuasion

2003 Issues
News from the Co-Chairs
New PASTG Member
Changing Faces
Did you Know?

News from the Co-Chairs
New PASTG Member
New PASTG Website
Travel Training
Changing Faces
Update and Helpful Tip

2002 Issues
Meet JoAnn Giamette - Transportation Assistant
Tips for Writing More Effectively
Helpful Websites
Is It My Computer? Or Is It Me?

News from the Co-Chairs
New PASTG Member and PASTG Charter
National Council Updates
Changing Faces
AD-421 Reports
Make Time Productive
Helpful Hints, Issues and Concerns

2001 Issues
Congratulations, Jean Sparks, MWA Secretary of the Year!
Meet Sue Shrout, Extramural Agreements Specialist
GroupWise Tips
Sources of Carbonless Paper to Use With Informs
Mentor Program Training Session
Changing Faces in the MWA
Helpful Websites
Abbreviations for Canadian Provinces and Territories
Lost and Found

Meeting for MWA Program Support Personnel
Changing Faces in the MWA
RMIS Redesign by Georgetta Stonewall
Suggested Reading Material

ARIS Update
What to Do If You Lose Your Purse Or Wallet
Dr. Horn Visits Ames
Changes Faces in the MWA
Helpful Websites and Recipes
Make a Snowman Ornament with Your Kids over the Holidays

2000 Issues
1999 Secretary of The Year

Midwest Area Leadership Meeting
PASTG Homepage
Changing Faces
Notes From The PASTG Meeting - St. Paul, MN
National Secretarial Meeting

Next PASTG Meeting
Secretarial Conference Highlights
Quotes To Live By
Timesaving Ideas
Changing Faces in the MWA

Congratulations Sherri Buxton!
Meet Marilyn Paul, Program Analyst for the MWA
Travel Information
So You Want to Design a Web Page!
Changing Faces in the MWA
Perspective Is Everything...

1999 Issues
Remarks From The Co-Chairs
April and June 1999 Meeting
MWA Training Scholarship Program
Requirements For Receiving Training Scholarship
Participation In Care Review Team
Reminder - Year 2000 Conference
Vacancies Filled In The Midwest Area Office

1998 Issues
REE Council Update
Secretarial Recognition Program
Change in Publication Title
Computer Tips

Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Reorganization of the Area Administrative Office
Nomination Materials for the Midwest Area Secretary of the Year Award

1997 Issues
PASTG Annual Meeting
Tips for Getting Things Done
Tips for Using the New Windows Version of RMIS

Brief Background of NSAC
NSAC Annual Meeting
REE Establishes Secretarial Council
Computer Tips and Resource Material

1996 Issues
Information on the REE Focus Groups

Selection of New Civil Rights Manager
Midwest Area ARMPS Review
Tips of the Month
Internet Tips and Etiquette
Comments from Diane Strub, on Recent RMIS Training

ational Secretarial Advisory Council Meeting – Brief Report
Recent PASTG Meeting
Area Director Response to Issues Paper
Training and Congratulations

Marcia Jenkins Represents the National Secretarial Advisory Council at the Administrator's Council
Tidbits from Travel Training

Smart Center
Graduate School, USDA Training Sessions
Paper Pileup Problems?

1995 Issues
Council Members
Our Mission, Vision, and Objectives
Training and Mentoring
What News Notes is About


Teleconference and Survey Responses
From the Mentoring/Training Subcommittee
From the Director