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Research Project: Action Area No. 2 (AA2) - Greenhouse Gas Research Network - Initial Equipment Needs - Fort Collins

Location: Soil Management and Sugarbeet Research

Project Number: 3012-12210-001-022-I
Project Type: Interagency Reimbursable Agreement

Start Date: Nov 1, 2023
End Date: Aug 31, 2028

IRA GHG Quantification Action Area #2 – GHG Research Network The information below is a current summary of a larger evolving workplan. Initial allocations were provided through an internal apportionment, and other portions of the work will be supported through future IAAs. Action Area Objectives: 1. Develop a research and monitoring network to collect and synthesize multi-scale data on N2O and CH4 from cropping and livestock production systems that represent major agricultural sources of these two gases in order to improve model estimates, with a focus on for verifying estimates, filling calibration needs, and advancing identified opportunities for model equations. 2. Coordinate with other USDA agencies, including AA#1 to coordinate GHG data collection with soil carbon and perennial biomass data collection efforts; AA#3 for data management; AA#6 for coordinating with conservation activity data collection and synthesis; and AA#4 and AA#7 which will use the data collect to strengthen predictive models and support estimates of conservation outcomes and advance the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks. This interagency agreement is specifically to provide equipment to the Greenhouse monitoring network related to equipment for measuring greenhouse gas emissions at plot to field scale in agricultural lands from cropland and grasslands.

The equipment purchases will include equipment for in situ measurement of GHG (including nitrous oxide, methane and CO2). Equipment will target plot to field scale applications to support the expand existing ARS infrastructure with the expertise to conduct this work. Sites are located in the Midwest, Northeast, Plain Area, Pacific West and the Southeast those covering major cropping systems including row crops, pasture lands, irrigated and dryland croplands, grazing, specialty crops, and rice. Types of equipment include plot/survey instruments, automatic chamber-based measurement systems, N2O and CH4 sensors/analyzers and gas chromatographs with hydrogen generators for laboratory analysis of field samples. Multiple instruments and systems will be purchased when possible. These are estimates, actuals number of specific pieces of equipment may vary on specific configurations to meet scientific need.