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The mission of the Soils research of the Soil Management and Sugarbeet Research Unit (SMSRU) is to develop and evaluate new knowledge required to efficiently manage soil, fertilizer, and plant nutrients (emphasis on nitrogen) to achieve optimum crop yields, maximize farm profitability, maintain environmental quality, and sustain long-term productivity. For Sugarbeet, the mission is to utilize distinctive site environmental and disease-free characteristics and specifically developed team expertise to: (1) develop new knowledge and adapt biotechnologies to modify host-pathogen relations that affect disease resistance, pathogenesis, and epidemiology in sugarbeet and other plant species pertinent to sugarbeet cultivation; 2) discover new information and techniques to identify and produce genotypes exhibiting superior disease and stress tolerance and agronomic qualities; 3) provide new knowledge that improves production efficiency and biochemical processing characteristics.
The Soil Management and Sugarbeet Research is located in Fort Collins, CO and is part of the Plains Area.
The Research Leader is Peter Kleinman.
Phone: 970-492-7200
Fax: 970-492-7213
Soil Management and Sugarbeet Research
2150 Centre Avenue, Building D, Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80526