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Harmel, Daren
Center Director
(970) 492-7771
Center for Agricultural Resources Research
2150 Centre Ave., NRRC Building D
Fort Collins CO 80526

The mission of the Center for Agricultural Resources Research is to conduct research to ensure the security of agricultural resources in a changing climate. This mission is accomplished through research on: 1) irrigated agriculture including integrated computer models of agricultural systems to support research and farm/ranch-level decisions; 2) soil, fertilizer, and plant nutrient management; 3) development of new knowledge and genotypes to modify host-pathogen relations that affect disease resistance, pathogenesis, and epidemiology in sugarbeet; 4) interaction of plants, animals, soil, water, and weather on grazing lands including development of systems computer models to evaluate the sustainability of management practices; and research to more effectively 5) acquire, evaluate, preserve and provide a national collection of plant, animal, and microbial genetic resources to secure the biological diversity that underpins a sustainable U.S. agricultural economy through diligent stewardship, research, and communication.

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