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Research Project: Dough Rheology, Baking Performance and Bread Sensory Quality of Pulse-fortified Whole Wheat Flours

Location: Small Grain and Food Crops Quality Research

Project Number: 3060-43440-016-002-S
Project Type: Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Sep 1, 2020
End Date: Feb 28, 2025

The objectives are to: 1) produce and characterize whole and dehulled pulse flours with different particle sizes from dry peas, chickpea, lentils, and dry beans; 2) investigate physicochemical and rheological properties of whole wheat dough fortified with pulse flours of different types, compositions, and particle sizes; 3) examine bread-making performances of whole wheat flour fortified with the pulse flours; 4) optimize the quality and sensory profiles of breads from pulse-fortified whole wheat flour with dough improvers; and 5) establish the relationships among pulse flour characteristics, dough properties, and bread quality and sensory attributes.

We will systematically investigate the effect of flour types (from eight different common pulses), particle sizes (fine, medium, and course with the same composition), and compositions (whole vs. dehull) on the physicochemical characteristics of flours, physical and rheological properties of fortified whole wheat dough, bread-making performances, and quality and sensory profiles of the baked breads. Employment of multiple types of pulses with side-by-side comparison, comprehensive characterization, and data collection will allow us to examine if there are any correlations among flour, dough, and bread properties, which will provide crucial information and more accurate guidance when selecting other pulse flours and developing new food products. Flavor and sensory profiles of the promising breads will be further characterized through headspace gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and sensory studies. We will also further optimize the formulation of pulse-fortified whole grain systems with dough improvers and vital wheat gluten to improve the texture and sensory profile of the new products.