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Research Project: Development of Aflatoxin Resistant Corn Lines Using Omic Technologies

Location: Food and Feed Safety Research

2022 Annual Report

1. Gene silencing results in reduction in aflatoxin contamination. Aspergillus (A.) flavus is a mold that infects corn and other susceptible crops and subsequently contaminates them with aflatoxin. Aflatoxins are potent carcinogens that adversely impact human and animal health worldwide.Additionally, contamination of crops with aflatoxin costs tens of millions of dollars annually due to economic losses from the devaluation or destruction of contaminated crops. ARS scientist in New Orleans, Louisiana, had previously shown that an enzyme called alkaline protease is highly expressed by the fungus during the infection of corn kernels. We showed, in collaboration with university scientists, that reducing the level of this fungal enzyme using a technique called host-induced gene silencing, caused an 87% reduction in toxin production in corn. This resistant trait was also transferred to three cultivated corn varieties by hybridization. This work will result in breeding of resistant varieties that can defend themselves against A. flavus.

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