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Research Programs and Projects at this Location

ARS research is organized into National Programs. Within each National Program are research projects. Listed below are  the National Programs and research projects currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a National Program (NP) will take you  to the main ARS site for more information on the program. Clicking on a research  project title will take you to more information on the project.

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Animal Health (NP #103)
Immunodiagnostics to Detect Prions and Other Important Animal Pathogens
(In-House Appropriated)
Rapid Assays and Mobile Technologies to Improve Animal Health and Food Safety
(Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement)
Food Safety, (animal and plant products) (NP #108)
Ecology and Detection of Human Pathogens in the Produce Production Continuum
(In-House Appropriated)
Molecular Identification and Characterization of Bacterial and Viral Pathogens Associated with Foods
(In-House Appropriated)
Metagenomics and Phenotypic Arrays-based Approaches for the Assessment of Foodborne Pathogen Persistence on Lettuce and Cilantro
(Interagency Reimbursable Agreement)
Effect of Plant Systemic Resistance and Role of Type III Secretion System in Colonization of Basil and Lettuce by Salmonella enterica
(Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement)
Enhancing the Safety and Quality of Fresh Produce and Low-Moisture Foods
(Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement)
Characterization of Pathogenic Mechanisms Associated with Shiga Toxin 2 Subtypes Produced by Escherichia coli Strains
(Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement)
Fitness and Virulence of Antimicrobial-resistant Campylobacter in the Poultry Production Ecosystem
(Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement)
Genomics and Metagenomics of Antimicrobial-resistance in the Poultry Production Ecosystem
(Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement)
Identification of Salmonella Enterica Plant Colonization Fitness Traits Using Mutant Libraries and Barcode-Based Sequencing
(Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement)
Effect of Sulfur Dioxide Fumigation on Survival of Foodborne Pathogens on Freshly-Harvested California Table Grapes
(Trust Fund Cooperative Agreement)
Identifying Host Proteins that Facilitate the Assembly of Viral and Phage Capsids and Small Molecules that Interfere with this Assembly
(Trust Fund Cooperative Agreement)
Last Modified: 8/25/2016
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