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Sean Kearney
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Sean P. Kearney

 Research Ecologist

Crops Research Laboratory
1701 Center Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80526
PHONE: 970-492-7136
FAX:     970-492-7160



B.A.  International Business

(Minor: Economics)

2008 Western Washington University

M.Sc.    International Agricultural Development

(Focus: Soil Science)


University of California, Davis

Ph.D.    Soil Science 2017 University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Research interests:

Dr. Kearney’s research is focused on combining field and remote sensing data to solve agricultural land management challenges. His work ranges from improving methods to monitor indicators of land health (e.g., erosion, carbon storage) to using spatial analysis tools to better understand the interactions between human activity and environmental change across landscape, regional and global scales. Dr. Kearney’s work links ground data with a variety of remotely sensed datasets, including satellite imagery, GPS collar data on livestock and wildlife, airborne laser scanning (LiDAR) and others.


Current research questions:

What drives changes in rangeland conditions across space and time, and how are these linked to multiple rangeland management objectives, including cattle productivity, wildlife habitat and biodiversity?



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