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Hailey Wilmer

Rangeland Scientist



Hailey Wilmer

 Climate Hub Fellow

Crops Research Laboratory
1701 Center Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80526
PHONE: 970-492-7121
FAX:     970-492-7160





Hailey is a social rangeland scientist studying the intersection of cultural, political and ecological systems and adaptive rangeland management. Originally from Montana, she earned her Ph.D. from Colorado State University in Rangeland Ecosystem Science in 2016. As Climate Hub Fellow, Hailey works with the RRRU and across USDA agencies and agriculture stakeholder groups on research that supports adaptive management in drought and extreme weather events.  Hailey’s research methods include qualitative (interviews, focus groups) and quantitative ecological monitoring that document the decision-making processes of family ranches in Colorado and Wyoming.


B.S. 2009 Cornell University, International Agriculture and Rural Development; Agriculture Science Education

M.S. 2014 Colorado State University, Rangeland Ecosystem Science

Ph.D. 2016 Colorado State University, Rangeland Ecosystem Science with certificate in Women’s Studies.


Her specific research questions are:
-What processes and strategies support adaptive decision-making in ranching systems operating under highly variable weather conditions?
-At what scales (social, temporal, and spatial) do adaptive decisions take place?
-What are the ecological outcomes of ranch decision-making strategies?
-How do diverse rangeland stakeholders make management decisions for multiple rangeland stewardship objectives in a 10-year collaborative adaptive rangeland management experiment?


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