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The Pacific West Area Workforce Diversity Committee (the Committee) will serve as a source of guidance, providing advice and recommendations to the Area Director in fulfilling the objectives of equal employment opportunity and affirmative employment in the Pacific West Area. Committee members will serve as their Location's advocate and contact for diversity-related issues and Committee initiatives.

The Pacific West Area fosters a workforce that reflects the diversity of the populations that we serve, promotes workplace inclusion, and promotes scientific excellence with impact and quality service in support of the ARS mission.

The Committee seeks to further the development of a workforce in all occupations and grade levels that is representative of the diverse populations in which we work and serve, and promote workplace inclusion that also contributes to the ultimate goal of maintaining or enhancing the excellence and impact of our research programs.


Membership: The Committee will consist of one Associate Area Director (Chair), the Diversity and Inclusion Manager (Advisor), Committee Members representing every location. From the membership, seven (7) voluntary members who will serve on a Special Emphasis Advisory Group designated as “Area-wide” advocates for the African-American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Disability Employment, Federal Women's, Hispanic Employment and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Programs.
Committee Members are nominated by the location leadership, with consultation from the Advisor, and approved by their immediate supervisor. The membership will reflect the diversity in the Area. The Committee Roster is attached.
Roles and Responsibilities: The Committee members are advocates for the Vision and Mission statements above. The Committee will recommend and support activities within PWA to enhance and implement the annual Area Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.


Specifically, Committee Members will:

1) Identify and recommend actions to create a workplace environment that welcomes and values diversity in all forms; that also attracts and retains valued employees;

2) Foster workplace cooperation and respect through effective communication and early conflict resolution strategies;

3) Where possible, ensures member’s location has an EEO Committee;

4) Collaborate with their respective location EEO Committees to plan, organize and deliver outreach activities to reach K-12 schools, universities/colleges, minority serving institutions, and underserved communities.

5) Coordinate efforts with EEO Committees’ location/Area staff to obtain and deliver outreach materials for career/job fairs, as appropriate.

6) Promote cultural diversity awareness within the workplace by promoting and supporting Special Emphasis Observances recognized by the Department and/or are mandated by Executive Order.

7) Provide recommendations/input to the PWA Diversity Publication “Unity” and the annual EEO Award nominations.

The Special Emphasis Advisory Group will:

1) Recognize their role as an “Area-wide” advocate.

2) Collaborate as the Special Emphasis Advisory Group to highlight contributions of PWA employees toward Diversity and Inclusion goals.

3) Recommend appropriate commemorations, commendations, historical events, figures, etc., to coincide with Special Emphasis Observances that are mandated by Executive Order to be shared with all-PWA.

Meetings: Meetings and/or teleconference calls will be held twice a year, or as needed.

Documentations: Minutes, advice and recommendations from the Committee will be provided to the Area Director for approval and action. Approved minutes of Committee meetings will be distributed to members and posted on the Area intranet for the information of all PWA employees.

                                                                    Dr. Robert Matteri, PWA Area Director

Roster of Committee membership with dates of appointment available here.