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Selected Publications
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Pierce's disease studies on host range of pathogen, spatial distribution on small scales, and plant community associations of the disease.


Armillaria root disease studies on the diversity and population biology of Armillaria species in natural and agroecosystems, infection biology, biocontrol by antagonistic rhizobacteria, and identification of resistant

plant material.


Arbuscular mycorrhizae studies on species diversity in vineyards, nutrient capture, and roles in soil sustainability. 


Managing Trunk Diseases During Vineyard Establishment with Dr. Kendra Baumgartner





Selected Publications

••      Baumgartner K, Steenwerth KL, Veilleux L. In press. Effects of organic and conventional practices on weed control in a perennial cropping system. Weed Science.


••      Baumgartner K, Rizzo DM. 2006. Relative resistance of grapevine rootstocks to Armillaria root disease. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 57:408-414.


••      Cheng X, Baumgartner K. 2006. Effects of mycorrhizal roots and extraradical hyphae on 15N uptake from vineyard cover crop litter and the soil microbial community. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 38:2665-2675.


••      Baumgartner K, Warnock AE. 2006. A soil inoculant inhibits Armillaria mellea in vitro and improves productivity of grapevines with root disease. Plant Disease 90:439-444.


••      Baumgartner K, Smith RF, Bettiga L. 2005. Weed control practices and cover crop management affect mycorrhizal colonization of grapevine roots and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal spore populations in a California vineyard. Mycorrhiza 15:111-119.


••      Baumgartner K, Warren JG. 2005. Persistence of Xylella fastidiosa in riparian hosts near northern California vineyards. Plant Disease 89:1097-1102.


••      Baumgartner K. 2004. Root collar excavation for postinfection control of Armillaria root disease of grapevine. Plant Disease 88:1235-1240.


••       Cheng X, Baumgartner K. 2004. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-mediated nitrogen transfer from vineyard cover crops to grapevines. Biology and Fertility of Soils 40:406-412.


••       Cheng X, Baumgartner K. 2004. Survey of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in northern California vineyards and mycorrhizal colonization potential of grapevine nursery stock. HortScience 39:1702-1706.