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20th Annual
Beltsville Area Poster Day

April 15, 2009

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Winners of the 2009 Poster Day with the Area Director

Left to right: Humberto Freire Boncristiani, Joseph Spence (Beltsville Area Director), Robert Cornman,
and Stephen Becker

First Prize Tie:
Stephen C. Becker
Animal Biosciences & Biotechnology Laboratory, ANRI
Antimicrobials for Mastitis-causing Pathogens that are Refractory to Resistance Development"
First Prize Tie:
Robert S. Cornman
Bee Research Laboratory, PSI
Portable Hyperspectral Fluorescence Imaging System for Detection of Biofilm on Stainless Steel Coupon
Third Prize:
Humberto Freire Boncristiani, Jr.
Bee Research Laboratory, PSI
Development and Validation of a Novel Strand-specific RT-PCR for the Analysis of Honeybee Virus Replication

Beltsville Area Poster Day 2009 - Student Division


Winners of the High School Division 2009 Poster Day

Left to right: Heng Tech, Vern Pursel (FAR-B Representative), George Osei, and Crysta Tran

First Prize:
Heng Tech, Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Mentor: Hyun Lillehoj, Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory, ANRI
Induction of Passive Immunity in Broiler Chickens Against Coccidiosis by Hyperimmune Egg Yolk IgY
Second Prize:
George Osei, Charles H. Flowers High School
Mentor: Leann Blomberg, Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory, ANRI
Uterine Stress Alters Placenta Gene Expression
Third Prize:
Crysta Tran, Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Mentor: Milutin Djurikovic & Michel Cavigelli, Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, ANRI
Greenhouse Gases and Farming

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