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18th Annual
Beltsville Area Poster Day

April 25, 2007

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Winners of the 2007 Poster Day with the Area Director

Left to right: back row, Kiran S. Panickar, Heping Cao, Julie Wolf, Manuela Rinaldi, Liping Kou and Phyllis Johnson;
front row, Sung-Hyen Lee, and Fernando Ot?lora-Luna

First Prize:
Manuela Rinaldi
Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory, ANRI
Bovine Neutrophil Generation of Extracellular Superoxide is Inhibited by Cis-Urocanic Acid
Second Prize:
Kiran S. Panickar
Nutrient Requirement & Functions Laboratory, BHNRC
Neuroprotective Effects of Cinnamon Polyphenols in Ischemic Injury
Third Prize:
Fernando Ot?lora-Luna
Chemicals Affecting Insect Behavior Laboratory, PSI
Host Plant Kairomones for Citrus Root Weevil, "Diaprepes abbreviatus"
Honorable Mention:
Heping Cao
Nutrient Requirements and Functions Laboratory, BHNRC
Prevention of Obesity by Plant Polyphenols via Tristetraprolin-Mediated Cytokine mRNA Instabilit
Honorable Mention:
Liping Kou
Produce Quality and Safety Laboratory, PSI
Developing an Alternative to Sulfur Dioxide for Maintaining Quality and Reducing Decay of Table Grapes During Storage
Honorable Mention:
Julie Wolf
Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory, PSI
Community Composition of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Along an Urban to Rural Gradient
Honorable Mention:
Sung-Hyen Lee
Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory, ANRI
Immunomodulatory Effects of Safflower Leaf ("Carthamus tinctorius") on Coccidiosis

Judges Scientist Division

Judges for Scientist Division, left to right: Yan Zhao, John Lydon,
Gloria Solano-Aguilar, Dave Donovan, Matthew Kramer and Kathryn Kamo

Beltsville Area Poster Day 2007 - Student Division

Eleanor Roosevelt High School


Winners of the Student Division 2007 Poster Day

Left to right: Cathryn Simon, Chioma Madubata, Vern Pursel (FAR-B Representative), Maria Yoo and Linda A. Okai

First Prize:
Maria Yoo
Mentor: Wayne Wolf, Food Composition Laboratory, BHNRC
Analysis of Water Soluble Vitamins in Fortified Commercial Cereals
Second Prize:
Cathryn Simon
Mentor: Cathleen J. Hapeman, Environmental Management and Byproducts Utilization Laboratory, ANRI
Spatial Variability of Pesticide Residues in the Choptank River Watershed
Third Prize (Tied):
Linda A. Okai
Mentor: Jeannie Rowland and Elizabeth Ogden, Fruit Laboratory, PSI
Identifying the DNA Marker Linked to Parthenocarpy in Blueberry Plants
Chioma Madubata
Mentor: Benjamin Rosenthal, Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory, ANRI
Characterizing the genetic variation among populations of "Besnoitia tarandi"

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