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16th Annual
Beltsville Area Poster Day

May 12, 2005

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Winners of the 2005 Poster Day with the Area Director

Left to right: Jeremy R. Miles, William W. Turechek, Vincent P. Kilnk, Phyllis Johnson (Area Director), and Annapoorani Chockalingam

First Prize:
William W. Turechek
Fruit Laboratory, PSI
Pre- and post-infection activity of pyraclostrobin for control of anthracnose fruit rot of strawberry caused by Colletotrichum acutatum.
Second Prize:
Annapoorani Chockalingam
Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory, ANRI
Antibacterial effect of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI)-derived synthetic peptide against major mastitis pathogens.
Third Prize:
Vincent P. Kilnk
Soybean Genomics Improvement Laboratory, PSI
Isolation of an aquaporin using laser capture microdissection of Glycine max (soybean) syncytia formed by the plant pathogen Heterodera glycines (soybean cyst nematode).
Honorable Mention:
Jeremy R. Miles
Biotechnology and Germplasm Laboratory, ANRI
Pig lines genetically selected for component traits of litter size exhibit differential gene regulation at the onset of embryo elongation.

Judges Scientist Division

Judges for Scientist Division, left to right:
Dave Luthria, Kathryn Kamo, James Trout, Yan Zhao, and Matthew Kramer

Beltsville Area Poster Day 2005 - Student Division

Eleanor Roosevelt High School

First Prize:
Adelle Lykes
Mentor: Shiow Wang, PSI-Fruit Laboratory
Antioxidant Capacity of Blackberries
Second Prize:
Ashley Robinson
Mentor: Dale Gelman, PSI-Insect Biocontrol Laboratory
Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis on the Mortality of Sweet Potato Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (biotype B)
Third Prize:
Ugochi Madubata
Mentor: Jeannie Rowland, PSI-Fruit Laboratory
EST-PCR Markers in Determining the Genetic Relatedness of Rabbiteye Blueberries
Judges Student Division

Student Division Judges left to right,
Back row: John McMurtrey (judge), Julie Wolf (judge), Vern Pursel (FARB, judge), and Mary Strem (judge)
Front row: Pat Allen (judge), Nikki O'Neill (USDA co-ordinator), Catherine Duff (Roosevelt co-ordinator)
Missing: Patrick Elia (judge)

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