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15th Annual
Beltsville Area Poster Day

April 29, 2004

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Winners of the 2004 Poster Day with the Area Director and Judge Chairman, left to right; Yan Zhao, Jitendra R. Patel, Wen-Bin Li, Justin R. Barone, Chun-Chieh Yang, Daniel L. Rowley, and Phyllis Johnson.

First Prize:
Justin R. Barone
ANRI, Environmental Quality Laboratory
Novel Keratin Polymer Blends Made from Poultry Feather Biomass
Second Prize:
Chun-Chieh Yang
ANRI, Instrumentation and Sensing Laboratory
Development of Multispectral Imaging Processing Algorithms for Identification of Wholesome, Septicemia, and Inflammatory Chickens
Third Prize:
Wen-Bin Li
PSI, Fruit Laboratory
Green Fluorescent Protein-Labeled Mutants for the Study of Xylella fastidiosa/ Plant Interactions
Honorable Mention (2 awards):
Daniel L. Rowley
PSI, Insect Biocontrol Laboratory
Mass Rearing of Lebia Grandis, a Specialist Predator-Parasitoid of Leptinotarsa decemlineata, the Colorado Potato Beetle: Preliminary Results and Observations on Host-Range
Jitendra R. Patel
ANRI, Food Technology and Safety Laboratory
Hydrodynamic Pressure Processing, Blade Tenderization, and Food Safety

Judges Scientist Division
Judges for Scientist Division, left to right; James Trout, Shanthy Bowman, Kathy Kamo, Mary Camp, and Yan Zhao.

Beltsville Area Poster Day 2004 - Student Division

Eleanor Roosevelt High School


Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Winners, left to right; Alia Malik, Amanda Mendoza, Forum Patel, and Kush Patel.

First Prize:
Kush Patel - Mentor: Janet Slovin, PSI-Fruit Laboratory
Heat Shock Proteins in Strawberry Plants
Second Prize:
Forum Patel - Mentor: Nichole O'Neill, PSI-Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory
New Disease on Lettuce
Third Prize:
Alia Malik and Amanda Mendoza - Mentor: Kathleen Haynes, PSI-Vegetable Laboratory
Analysis of Carotenoids in Diploid Potatoes

Judges Student Division
Left to right: Beltsville Coordinator of Student Division Nichole O'Neill, Judges; Mary Strem, Deborah Fravel, and Ben Matthews. Judges not present for picture; Patrick Elia, Julie Wolf, and Robert Owens.

Lunch Spread
Lunch was provided by Friends of Agricultural Research-Beltsville.

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