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4th Annual BA-UMD Fall Symposium
Trends in Agriculture

Organic Agriculture:
Food, health and Ecosystems

Thursday, November 13, 2014

National Agricultural Library
Abraham Lincoln Building
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705-2351

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Early registration is encouraged as walk ins will not be guaranteed a lunch

The goals of the Annual Trends in Agriculture Fall Symposium series, sponsored jointly by Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Agricultural Research Service of the USDA and the University of Maryland (UMD) are:

  1. Provide a forum for discussions of current and future trends in agriculture, and how trends may impact scientific research, agriculture, the environment, and society
  2. Foster collaboration between UMD and ARS
The Symposium will host internationally recognized speakers and bring together regional scientists, students, policy makers, and other interested parties for an exciting look at current and emerging issues in agriculture.


Kathleen Merrigan

Key Note Speaker

Dr. Kathleen Merrigan

USDA Deputy Secretary of Agriculture (2009-2013). Executive Director of the Sustainability Institute, George Washington University

Klaas Martens A farmer's perspective of the organic industry and research needs across the US

Klaas Martens

Owner-operator of Lakeview Organic Grain in Penn Yan NY where he and his wife have been faring organically since 1993

Short Biography

Mathieu NgouajioOrganic Research Funding Opportunities

Dr. Mathieu Ngouajio

National program leader for organic agriculture programs working with organic programs in the Institute of Food Production and Sustainability's Division of Plant Production at the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Short Biography

Committee Members:
Harry Schomberg Ph.D. ARS Co-chair
Adel Shirmohammadi Ph.D. UMD Co-chair
Cerruti Hooks Ph.D. UMD
Guihua Chen Ph.D. UMD
Jim Poulos J.D. ARS
Jude Maul Ph.D. ARS
  Michael Pappas MA, J.D. UMB
Michel Cavigelli Ph.D. ARS
R. Lawson Ph.D. retired ARS
Stepanie Yarwood Ph.D. UMD
Steven Mirsky Ph.D. ARS
Web Master: Jim Plaskowitz ARS
Flyer and Program Designer: Jody Shuart ARS
Logistics/Support Services: Kim Garner, ARS; Teresa Simmons, UMD


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In any formal program or handout pertaining to this event, we would appreciate a note that indicates the event was supported in part by FAR-B. This notation helps FAR-B maintain its tax-exempt status. A copy should be sent to FAR-B; PO Box 1061; Beltsville, MD 20704. If the event consists of a reception or lunch, either an announcement or a poster should indicate participation by FAR-B.

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