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Beltsville Area's ARS Award Recipients
Celebration of Excellence Awards


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Beltsville Area Senior Research Scientist of the Year
Dr. Robert J. Wall
Biotechnology and Germplasm Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
Recognized for outstanding research accomplishments in the introduction of recombinant DNA molecules into the genome of agricultural animals.
Beltsville Area Early Career Scientist of the Year
Dr. Dawn E. Gundersen-Rindal
Insect Biocontrol Laboratory,Plant Sciences Institute
Recognized for fundamental and applied advances in research on the agriculturally important unculturable microbes: phytoplasmas and polydnaviruses.
Beltsville Area Techonology Transfer Award
Dr. Aref Abdul-Baki
Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
Sam Aslan
Recognized for developing and introducing a no-tillage, biologically-based management system which has restored profitability and enhanced environmental protection of California date palm production.
Beltsville Area Support Scientist of the Year
Dr. Krystyna M. Bialek-Kalinski
Environmental Quality,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
Recognized for successfully coordinating the processing and analysis of all perchlorate samples of the PERC04 project while maintaining several multi-year environmental projects.
Beltsville Area Technician of the Year
Daniel J. Kuhar
Animal Parasitics Disease,Natural Resources Institute
Recognized for exceptional support of swine immunology and disease research at BARC.
Beltsville Area Equal Opportunity, Workplace Diversity, and Outreach Award
Dr.Earle Raymond Hunt, Jr.
Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
Recognized for providing outstanding leadership, guidance, and service to the Imagine Excellence/El Ingeniro summer program at the USDA-ARS Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.

Dr. Ellen W. Harris
Dr. Paul A. Cotton
Dr. Deirdra N. Chester
Linda Nix
Community Nutrition Research Group,
Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Cente
The USDA Food and Nutrition Summer Institute Team which is comprised of people within and outside of the Beltsville Area is being recognized for outstanding leadership in the creation of the USDA Food and Nutrition Summer Institute, a unique program within USDA to facilitate a strong, diverse workforce in food and nutrition research and education.
Beltsville Area Support/Service Employee of the Year
Barbara A. Flook
Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental Protection and Radiation SafetyFacilities Adminstration and Safety Division
Recognized for exceptional support to the BA research program through the services of the radiation safety program which she designed and administers, and which includes several customer service enhancements.
Beltsville Area Office Support Professional of the Year
Donna L. Geiman
Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
Recognized for outstanding program support to the Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory.
Beltsville Area Preston Tisdale Safety Award
Donald C. Johnson
Plant Sciences Institute
Recognized for outstanding contributions to the greenhouse research programs in the Plant Sciences Institute.

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