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Beltsville Area's ARS Award Recipients
Celebration of Excellence Awards


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Beltsville Area Senior Research Scientist of the Year
Morse B. Solomon, Food Technology and Safety Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
for outstanding research in the development of a successful method to simultaneously tenderize and enhance the safety of meat products.

Beltsville Area Early Career Scientist of the Year
Tad S. Sonstegard, Gene Evaluation and Mapping Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
for outstanding research in improving the understanding of the bovine genome and development of molecular genetic tools with demonstrated impact in livestock reproduction and lactation physiology.

Beltsville Area Techonology Transfer Award
Mark Jenkins, Animal Waste Pathogens Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
for identification of novel diagnostic antigens for protozoan parasite infection and for new vaccines and biotherapeutics to prevent these infections in cattle and poultry.

Beltsville Area Support Scientist of the Year
Denis Lacroix, Food Composition Laboratory,Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center
for outstanding support in the development of analytical methodology in the Food Composition Laboratory.

Beltsville Area Technician of the Year
Paula Crowley, Nematology Laboratory,Plant Sciences Institute
for outstanding technical supportfor laboratory and greenhouse research in the Nematology Laboratory.

Beltsville Area Equal Opportunity
Patricia Laster, Alternate Crops and Systems Laboratory,Plant Sciences Institute
for activities in support of workplace diversity goals for the Beltsville Area.

Beltsville Area Support/Service Person of the Year
O. Sun Hopper, Plant Sciences Institute
for outstanding support to the budget and fiscal management of the Plant Sciences Institute.

Beltsville Area Secretarial/Clerical Employee of the Year
Sandra Matteson, Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory,Animal and Natural Resources Institute
for outstanding performance in support of the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory and its predecessor, the Weed Science Laboratory.

Beltsville Area Directors Special Award
Mike Blum, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Doug Caldwell, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Wayne Dulaney, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Gary L. Fisher, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Elliot Herman, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Steven King, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Randy Lacomb, em>Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Pete Masler, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Joy McDaniel, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Nancy Miller-Ihli, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Jimmie D. Mowder, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Chris Pooley, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Tom Thiele, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
Leigh M. Walton, Information Technology Assessment Committee,
The committee spent nine months preparing a comprehensive assessment of IT resources, staffing, and related issues in the Beltsville Area. This was a major undertaking that will provide the basis for IT planning and budgeting over the next few years. The committees hard work also helped us avoid significant costs for a contractor to do this task. Nancy Miller-Ihli (chair).

Presidential Rank Award
Thomas S. Elias, Director,U. S. National Arboretum
Meritorious Executive

USDA Honor Awards
Thomas S. Elias, National Arboretum Big Bugs Exhibit Committee,U. S. National Arboretum
Nadine E. Hiers, National Arboretum Big Bugs Exhibit Committee,U. S. National Arboretum
Elizabeth L. Ley, National Arboretum Big Bugs Exhibit Committee,U. S. National Arboretum
received the Secretary's Award for Operating an Efficient, Effective, and Discrimination-Free Organization. Elizabeth L. Ley (group leader).

Beltsville Area Preston Tisdale Safety Award
Gary L. Fisher, Operations and Maintenance Services,Facilities Management and Operations Division
has and continues to be a valuable asset within FMOD His innovative approaches to problem solving and his strong desire to support the research community has resulted in substantial savings and more efficient control systems and alarm monitoring.