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1st Annual BARC-UMD Fall Symposium:
Trends in Agriculture

Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Wildlife Visitor Center
10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel, MD 20708-4027

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The goal of the Annual Trends in Agriculture Fall Symposium series, sponsored jointly by BARC and UMD, is to provide a forum for discussions of current and future trends in agriculture, and how trends may impact scientific research, agriculture, the environment, and society. The Symposium will host internationally recognized speakers and bring together regional scientists, students, policy makers, and other interested parties for an exciting look at current and emerging issues in agriculture.


Dr. Lynn MargulisPrehuman Origin of Agriculture

Dr. Lynn Margulis - Home Page
Distinguished University Professor
University of Massachusetts - Department of Geoscienses

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Dr. Wes JacksonThe Next Synthesis: The Marriage of Ecology/Evolutionary Biology and Agriculture

Dr. Wes Jackson, Co-Founder - Home Page
The Land Institute, Salina, KA

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Dr. Robert M. Goodman The emerging ecological paradigm for agriculture: Why is this the time and why has it taken 200 years to get here?

Dr. Robert M. Goodman - Home Page
Executive Dean, Rutgers University
Dr. Xenia K. Morin
Associate Dean, Rutgers University

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Steven SalzbergAssembling Large Mammalian Genomes (and even larger plant genomes) in Next-Generation Sequencing Projects

Dr. Steven Salzberg - Home Page
Professor, Departments of Medicine and Biostatistics
McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine
& Dept. of Biostatistics Johns Hopkins University
Univ. of Maryland - Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

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Introduction 7 minutes
Dr. Amy Rossman, ARS
Dr. Joseph Spence, Area Director, BARC, ARS
Dr. Mary Ann Ottinger, UMD
Dr. Cheng-I Wei, Dean & Director, Agricultural Experiment Station & University of Maryland Extension, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, UMD College Park
Dr. Wes Jackson 1 hour 22 minutes
Dr. Robert M. Goodman 52 minutes
Dr. Steven Salzberg 1 hour 2 minutes
Round Table Discussion 44 minutes
Dr. Wes Jackson
Dr. Lynn Margulis
Dr. Xenia K. Morin
Dr. Steven Salzberg
Hosted by: Dr. Robert E. Davis, ARS

National Wildlife Visitor Center - Conference Guidelines


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