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Agricultural Research Magazine ??? Nematodes Aug. 2012

Agricultural Research Magazine ??? Microscopy Aug. 2013

Technology Spurs Alfalfa Genome Mapping

Perry B. Cregan

Soy "Library" to be Stocked

Soy Diversity Revisited

USDA Scientists, Cooperators Sequence Majority of Soybean Genome

Marcial A. Pastor Corrales (Talo)

Searching for Resistance to Rust Fungus

Disease-Resistant Great Northern Beans

New Disease-Resistant Pintos

CSWQRU a winner in 2006-2007 Electronics Reuse and Recycling Campaign

New Rust Resistance Genes Added to Common Beans

Benjamin F. Matthews

Trouble for Soybean Nematodes

Experimental Soybeans Sabotage Roundworm Pest With Its Own Gene

USDA's Agricultural Research Service Announces Scientist of the Year Awards

Mark L. Tucker

Searching for Resistance to Rust Fungus


ARS News Articles

Four Scientists Named to Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame
Sep 10, 2014
A New Tool for Identifying Key Soybean Genes
Feb 18, 2014