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Research Programs and Projects at this Location

ARS research is organized into National Programs. Within each National Program are research projects. Listed below are  the National Programs and research projects currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a National Program (NP) will take you  to the main ARS site for more information on the program. Clicking on a research  project title will take you to more information on the project.

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Plant Genetic Resources, Genomics and Genetic Improvement (NP #301)
Defining the Genetic Diversity and Structure of the Soybean Genome and Applications to Gene Discovery in Soybean, Wheat and Common Bean Germplasm
(In-House Appropriated)
Developing Soybean and Other Legumes with Resistance to Pathogens and Assessing the Biosafety of Transgenic Soybean
(In-House Appropriated)
Development of Rhizobium and Bradyrhizobium Germplasm, Determining Host Plant-Microbe Symbiotic Interactions, and…the Rhizobium Collection
(In-House Appropriated)
Discovery and Introgression of Disease Resistance Genes into Phaseolus vulgaris
(In-House Appropriated)
Developing Soybean Cultivars and Germplasm with Increased Protein Quantity and Quality for the Midwest and South
(Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement)
Technical Services, Collaborative Research and Cooperative Activities with the United States Agency for International Development, Phase III
(Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement)
The DNA Characterization of Rhizobium from Nodules of Soybean from Ghana and Africa
(Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement)
Analysis of Soybean Genes Involved in Pest Resistance
(Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement)
Plant Diseases (NP #303)
Microscopy Applications for the Identification and Management of Agricultural Pests and Pathogens
(In-House Appropriated)