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ASC Abstract

ASC - Average Pollutant Concentration in Soil Profile:
Simulation with Convective-Dispersive Equation

Different parts of soil solution move with different velocities, and therefore chemicals are leached gradually from soil with infiltrating water. Solute dispersivity is the soil parameter characterizing this phenomenon. To characterize the dispersivity of soil profile at field scale, it is desirable to use changes in total chemical mass in the whole soil profile rather than chemical content in individual soil layers. The computer program ASC implements the analytical solution of the model of dispersive transport in soils and allows a user to (a) fit this solution to field data to obtain soil dispersivity parameter, (b) estimate the average concentration in soil profile when the dispersivity parameter is known, and (c) determine the amount of leaching water needed to bring the average concentration to the desired level. The program is written in FORTRAN and compiled at PC. Examples of input and output files are given.

 Mojave desert. Photo by John J. Mosesso.
Mojave desert.
Photo by John J. Mosesso.